Sr. Developer - Few

March 2019 - Present

  • Lead website devlopment projects.
  • Backend site development: Laravel, Wordpress, and Django
  • Frontend site development: VueJS, SASS, VanillaJS

Director of Software Development - CJRW

June 2015 - February 2019

Sr. Interactive Developer - CJRW

December 2007 - June 2015

  • Provide technical leadership to the Interactive Team and its clients.
  • Provide budget and time estimates for development projects.
  • Manage production web and database servers.
  • Research new technologies and trends to identify those that would be beneficial to the Interactive Team.
  • Changed the website development stack from custom ASP.NET sites to Django and Wordpress. This technology change resulted in less development time and an increased quality of sites produced.
  • Constantly improving the team’s development stack to reduce development and deployment time.
  • Backend site development using Django and Wordpress.
  • Frontend site development using SASS, HTML, and Javascript
  • Lead website development projects for all agency clients. These clients include: Arkansas Parks and Tourism, Arkansas Farm Bureau, Riceland Foods, Caboodles Cosmetics, Oaklawn Racing & Gaming, Hot Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau
  • Languages Used: Python, PHP, Javascript, Objective-C

Software Development Lead – Acxiom Corporation

July 2006 – December 2007

  • Senior developer for the Data Compilation Unit's Optical Character Recognition team. The team’s purpose was to create OCR solutions to capture phone book data which reduced the cost of manual data capture.
  • Designed a new image processing workflow that reduced the need for hand-edited images. This reduced the editing work load from 3 full-time editors to 1 part-time editor.
  • Developed a reporting system for the OCR project to track record status throughout the system.
  • Redesigned the Business Classification System. Users were unhappy with the existing system both in terms of usability and reliability. The redesign resulted in a faster, more stable application.
  • Perform maintenance programming on custom scanning and image editing applications.
  • Helped encourage Agile Development. Focusing mostly on unit testing and automated build software.
  • Languages Used: Python, C/C++, C#, Ruby

Sr. Software Engineer – Stone Ward

May 2004 – July 2006

  • Designed database driven sites and applications for national and regional companies (including: Terminix, TCBY, CheckFree, Entergy).
  • Redesigned Terminix’s pest information database. The redesign allowed the database to be more searchable and allowed it to store multilingual information.
  • Created web services to allow client interfaces built in Flash to communicate with server side data.
  • Developed a web-based newsroom application to allow a company to publish articles using both RSS and HTML. The application also collects information for media contacts.
  • Developed a donation site for Entergy that allows employees displaced by natural disasters to submit orders for items that have been previously donated. The site also allows administrators to add items to the inventory and produce reports about submitted orders.
  • Developed tracking and reporting software used to manage a national promotion sweepstakes for CheckFree.
  • Designed a site to allow TCBY franchise store owners to select custom artwork and messaging for a coupon promotion.
  • Managed production web servers for clients’ sites.
  • Researched technology and tools for use in the department.
  • Languages Used: ASP, ASP.NET, PHP

Software Engineer – Acxiom Corporation

Jan. 2000 – May 2004

  • Developed grid-based consumer data enhancement applications on the Linux/Unix platform. These applications used CORBA interfaces to communicate with client applications.
  • Developed multi-threaded applications using the Boost, POSIX, and Windows thread libraries.
  • Designed a pluggable factory service to allow an application to add custom processing components to specific orders. Also, created a framework which allowed these components to report about the processing they performed.
  • Designed a CORBA service that allowed applications running on Unix to execute SQL statements on a MS SQL-2000 database.
  • Languages Used: C/C++, Python, Visual Basic

Software Developer – Arkansas Center for Technology Transfer

Oct. 1994 – Dec 1999

  • Worked on a team designing multimedia computer based training applications for local industries.
  • Designed inventory tracking/control software for various companies in Arkansas.
  • Developed an embedded software application to control a video surveillance system for a local security company.
  • Developed an embedded software application to configure settings for an OCR camera.
  • Designed computer-based sales catalog and pricing software for White River Hardwoods.
  • Languages Used: C/C++, Embedded Assembly, Visual Basic


  • Master of Science in Computer System Engineering, University of Arkansas. Awarded May 2000.
  • Bachelor of Sciences in Computer System Engineering, University of Arkansas. Awarded May 1998.


Programming Languages:

  • Python, PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS, SASS, Javascript, C/C++
  • Some Experience:  C#, ASP.NET, Objective-C, React Native

Frameworks and Content Management Systems:

  • Django, Wordpress


  • PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS-SQL

Server Platforms:

  • Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat), Heroku, AWS (minor experience)

Other Technology Experience:

  • Git, Make, Gulp, Docker, Vagrant, Arduino & Basic Electronics Development